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  • SKATROADHESIVE TECHNOLOGY - Skatro uses a proprietary adhesive technology that not only moulds all 8 wooden layers together, but also acts as structural reinforcement. This thin layer of structural reinforcement makes Skatro Boards comparable to 10 layer boards in strength and durability, while still having the agility and flex seen in 8 layer boards. This technology is exclusive to Skatro.


  • PREMIUM MAPLE WOOD- Beware of brands that offer cheap Chinese Wood. Skatro uses premium maple wood that has a high “Janka Hardness” score. The Janka test is standardized testing method used by builders to assess wood strength. We only harvest wood that meets a minimum threshold on the Janka scale.


  • SPEED BEARINGS- Our longboards are equipped with advanced bearings that will bring a spirited cruise you will be proud of. Our bearings were designed for speed. Just one push on our board will make the board travel a far distance relative to our competitors.


  • ENGINEERED TRUCKS- Our trucks were engineered and designed for carving. Nothing was left to chance - we made sure that the width of the trucks strikes a perfect balance between stability and the ability to make a sharp turn. You will be impressed.  


  • STUNNING DESIGNS- Our designs are unique and beautiful. We strike a perfect balance between retro and modern. Our graphic designs will surely impress your friends and your skateboard peers