Skatro Ultimate Abec 7

The Skatro Ultimate Abec-7 bearings from Skatro is engineering at its finest. Unlike traditional bearings that are carbon steel, the Skatro Ultimate Abec-7 bearings are made from "Bearing Steel"

Whats the difference? Let us explain...

Bearing steel metal is significantly harder metal than carbon steel which helps reduce friction as the bearings are rotated. This increases speed and also smoothens the rotation of the wheels while riding. Furthermore, there is significantly less wear and tear on Bearing Steel because its harder surface is capable of taking more physical abuse. With traditional carbon bearings, the bearings overtime will lose their ability to produce a smooth rotation because the metal structure eventually gets distorted from general wear and tear. With Bearing Steel, you never lose performance because the metal surface is much stronger and always maintains its original shape. 

The end result is performance that lasts much longer and is far more durable than the competition.