The Skatro Flexy Technology™ is one of Skatro's core competitive advantages over other mini cruisers. The Skatro Flexy Technology™ is a proprietary manufacturing process that ensures optimal flex on every Skatro Board that is produced. The optimal flex not only helps the rider perform better skateboard tricks, but also significantly improves ride comfort because the flex acts as a cushion over bumps when cruising.

During manufacturing, a specialized machine is used to calculate the amount of plastic that is being moulded together. It ensures that every board is getting a pre-determine amount of plastic injection. This is how we are able to maintain consistency in the stiffness of all our Skatro Boards. Too much plastic makes the board too stiff while too little plastic makes the board too malleable. The machine ensures every board is getting just the right amount. When the board is complete, a pressure check is performed to ensure the board flexes to an expected level based on a certain amount of weight applied to the center of the board. 

This manufacturing process is exclusive to Skatro. When you ride the board, you will immediately notice how exceptionally smooth the ride is - its what differentiates Skatro from the herd of competitors. Even more impressive is the fact that Skatro Boards outperform all the leading brands despite being only half the price.