Skatro FREE Giveaway Contest! Join Now!

To Participate in the FREE Skatro Giveaway contest, simply make a post with your Skatro Board in either your Facebook or Instagram account - you get to choose which one. Instructions for each method is described below
To Enter Our Giveaway Contest Through Facebook, follow the steps Below
To Enter Our Giveaway Through Instagram, follow the steps below
  • Step 1 - Follow us on Instagram - @Skatroboards
  • Step 2 - Take a image or video of yourself with the Skatro Board and post it on your Instagram account. In the same post, please briefly explain why you love Skatro (you can add any other content you want). Include the @skatroboards so that we get notification of your post 
  • Step 3 - Include the hashtag #skatroboards in your post

Thats it! Again, you have the option to choose facebook or instagram to enter the contest. Of course, if you enter images/videos in both facebook & instagram, you have 2x the chances of winning! 

We will reveal our winners on both our Facebook & Instagram account at the end of each month!

Thank you for participating